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Calculator programs/functions/files for the TI-89

Here I will maintain a listing of all the useful programs/functions/files that I write for the TI-89.  I will break them down into the category that they are used in.

Category: Science

Name File Name Zip Size (Bytes) Description
Coulomb's Law cllaw 240 Small function that returns the force that is acting upon two particles when given their charges and the distance separating them
Frequency freq 182 Returns the frequncy when given the period.
Gas Laws .02d gaslaw 25,812
(11435 on calc)
Very good program for those students in chemistry of physics who know their gas laws, but don't want to worry about entry error.  Covers every gas law with basic forms and forms derived by calculus.  Compressed to save space.  Also contains version for TI-92+.
Luminous Intensity lux 244 Finds the luminous intesity based on luminous flux and distance.  Pass either "l" or "c" to the program to get the lx or cd reading.  Not highly usefull.
Menu and Units maker maker 607 Will make a menu containing all the sceince and math programs listed here by entereing 1 as an argument, or make all kinds of extra and usefull units by entering 2 asa an argument.
Percent Error pererr 197 Returns the percent error when given the observed and accepted values
Period period 189 Returns the period given frequency
Refract refract 219 Gives the refracted angle of light given the angle of incidence and the index of refraction for the first material and the index of refraction for the second.
Vector Calculator 2.0 vect 2,270 This is a very fast ASM program that can calculate up to and including 50 vectors.  It requires no external setup files, and will never lock or crash.

Category: Math

Name File Name Zip Size(Bytes) Description
Arccot arccot 195 Returns the Arc-cotangent of a number
Arccsc arccsc 190 Returns the Arc-cosecant of a number
Arcsec arcsec 190 Returns the Arc-secant of a number
Cosine Law for angle coslawa 218 Returns the angle opposite side three of a triangle when given sides one two and three
Cosine law for side coslaws 220 Returns the length of side three when given sides one and two, and the angle opposite side three
cotangent cot 193 Returns the cotangent of an angle
cosecant csc 180 Returns the cosecant of an angle
fibonacci fib 330 Calculates all the numbers in the fibonacci series up to the argument number passed.  Comes with the required table.
Newtons Method for roots newt 324 Finds a root of a function using Newton's method, comes with function n(t) which should not be edited.  To use, define a function f(t) and its derivative as f1(t).  Works to the maximum accuracy of the TI-89
Riemann Sums rsums 673 This is a Riemann sums calculator.  It currently only does equal areas (as this makes the program faster), and only the three rectangular areas and the trapezoidal area.  Future versions will have random/best fit areas and Simpson series as well.
Secant sec 186 Returns the secant of a function
Sine Law for angle sinlawa 221 Returns Angle B when given side a, side b and Angle A
Sine Law for side sinlaws 224 Returns side b when given side a, Angle A and Angle B

Category: Misc

Name File Name Zip Size(Bytes) Description
Scheduler 2.0 sched2 2,006 An advanced scheduling program that utilizes a fe matricies and several porgrams to provide a scheduler capable of handling five days of seven class periods, as well as a highly functional 60 day longterm calendar.  The program will atomatically archive/unarchive its contents as necessary saving space.
All Files allfiles 10,582 This is all the above files into one zip file.

Copyright 2001-2003, James P. Hansen