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Tutorial for GasLaws X

This is a quick tutorial to introduce you to the basics of GasLaws X.  It should give you the minimum needed to use the program.

Step #1:

After all the files are extracted and in their own directory, double click on the icon that says GasLawsX.exe  It should by default, start you on the About/Options page.  Here you can set the simple options such as whether or not to display the tray icon, and how fast to cycle the icons if you want them animated..

Step #2:

Click on the page that says Combined Gas Law.  Under the field that says Find Volume, enter the following data, do not enter the units.

Click Calculate.  If you entered the data as it was listed above, you received an error.  The data entered wasn't in Kelvins, so we need the converter.

Step #3

Right-click anywhere on the program or click on the Conversion menu and open the converter.

Step #4

Make sure you click on the button labeled "Celsius -> Kelvin".  Enter the first temperature button and click on the convert button.  Copy the Kelvin data and put it back in the appropriate field.  Do the same with the other temperature.

Step #5

This is the new data:

Click Calculate.  The result will be in the field marked "Calculated:".  The result should be: 46.9949913024902, and if you know your factor-label method, it is a mL measurement.  Don't worry about the extra decimals, they are there to thwart cheaters.

Step #6

Click the button marked "Clear".

Step #7

Close GasLaws X.  Now reopen the file and notice that all your previous settings are saved.

Step #8

Use and Enjoy!

Copyright 2001, James P. Hansen