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About GasLaws X

Designer/Coder: James P. Hansen
Testers: Mr. Jay (Tim) Kelley, Andrew T. Hahn
Concept: James P. Hansen
Mathematics/Chemistry Concepts: Mr. Jay (Tim) Kelley

GasLaws X was created as an aid to all chemistry and physics students studying the interactions of volume, pressure, and temperature in relation to ideal gases.  It is not intended to be a substitute for the old-fashioned pencil-paper-calculator.  Because of such, I have kept the ability to remember significant digits out of the program.

Version: 4.1

This version of GasLaws, being part of the greater GasLaws project, is capable of performing all variations on the four major gas laws: Boyle's Law, Charles' Law, Gay-Lussac's Law, and the Combined Gas Law.  This version, however, has no functionality to do trends on separate CSV files.  Future versions of GasLaws X may have this functionality, but some will be maintained without it for institutional use.  This version also has a separate converter, so the program assumes that all temperatures values are Kelvin.  The programs converter will do two-way conversion of units.

The files included with this program include:

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To send me an incorrect information report, send an email with this in the subject line: INCORRECT INFO -- [], and inside the brackets, briefly write what the incorrect information is, and then in the body give a very detailed description of the incorrect information (i.e. its nature, where it was, the correct information).  Do not send email for typos, I can get those on my own.


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Copyright 2001, James P. Hansen