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Chemistry/Physics/Calculus Ideas

Here are some random Chemistry/Physics/Calculus ideas that are making their way into my programs, but aren't quite there yet.  They are all fairly interrelated and interesting.

Stoichiometry - Solving Chemical Equations

Stoichiometry is used to solve and balance chemical equations.  I cannot even began to stress how important and useful stoichiometry is.  When I have completed the current version of GasLaws and made more progresss of my Physics program, I will begin to write a stoichiometry program wirtten in Java(TM).

Forces - How do they affect objects, and how are they changing objects?

Forces act upon every body in the universe.  How they interact, why they act, and their effects are the fundamental basis for physics and chemistry.  In chemistry, the forces studied are the forces that govern that actions in chemical reactions, and thus, chemistry is simply a more specific branch of physics in this nature.
In time, the relation of these forces, between their scalar quantities, and their vector-based nature, will have their own set of programs, dealing specifically with their every interaction.  However, at this time, I am more concerned with the completion of the GasLaws programs, at which time I can devote my full energies to the work on physics programs.

Nuclear Reactions - How do they work?

These are a fairly straight-forward concept of physics, in the fact that if you know the element, its atomic number, its atomic mass, how it decays, you can find what it decays into, and you can also calculate how much energy is released in the decay if you know the specific mass of the particle.
Expect this program to be out shortly, with a lot of advances to it one I get a database developed.

Copyright 2001-2003, James P. Hansen