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Here you will find any and all updates to any of the programs related to the GasLaws, and/or any other projects.
Also here you will find announcements regarding updates as well.



Another update outside of Projekt Physik, I've made some decisions on some of my programs. I am now working on GasLawsX version 5.  This will be, as far as I know, the last version of the program. I may continue with it at points in the future, but I doubt it. Things like AI, distributed computing, parallel processing, and systems software have really grabbed my attention. However, do not doubt the significance of this program: it started me on the road to becoming a computer scientist. But just like a toddler cannot hold onto his blanket forever, I cannot hold onto this program forever. So, for the most part, this'll be it.


Just one quick update: I've added a log for the physics program, which I have now dubbed Projekt Physik.  For more information, you can consult the blog, and here is a link for you.


Well, its school time again, and I haven't finished what I said I would finish. Don't worry, its coming, I have about five hours of nothing to do a week, so I'll get it done.  Also, just for a note, I upgraded my Tripod subscription so the ads went bye-bye and I picked up a bunch of new stuff.  The new address for the site is Also, I have opened a few mail accounts to help me sort through mail from the site.  I'll get it all up and running shortly, as well as a new layout for the download pages. Give me some time to get acquainted with the new system here, so expect it all to go into effect sometime before October.


Sorry about not having the file ready in time.  Coding was a piece of cake, but I had some Windows related issues, that and some unexpected life happened as well.  Keeping with my tradition of posting only good files, I won't release this version until I'm satisfied.  I'm also going to do a lot of revision of the original code to clean the system up and make it neater and faster. This takes time, even with comments to go by, so cut me some slack.  Also, I'm making revisions to the layout of the site in relation to the programs sections, but that will wait until after I have finished the current version.


Okay, I'm almost finished with GasLawsX4.2.  I expect to have it done by the end of this week or sooner, coding-wise.  I'll still need to test it for a while before I'm satisfied, but it will be done before we hit the one year mark on the file.  So expect an update soon.  Also after talking to some people and dragging out some old chemistry texts, I may start a stoichiometry program in Java, but that will be after I finish this current version of the GasLaws.  I am also starting to code up GasLaws in Java(TM) for those not on a Windows system, or those that have come to strongly dislike Windows.  That's it for now.


I'm making an actual update here folks.  I wrote a little program called the BCD Clock, that was inspired by something my brother actually built. Its not really worth more than a novelty, but its nifty. This one has no additional files to download, so its slightly bigger than most of the downloads, but for this one, its just fast to do it without the supplements.  You know where to find it.


I know I said I was going to have a bunch of stuff done, but at the moment, I'm a bit burnt out with anything creative. I'm going to extend my sabbatical until the end of July and see if I can relax and get to working on stuff. If I happen to work on something during this time off, I'll post it. However, for the most part, don't expect anything for a while. But do not worry, I'm not giving up on JPH Projects, I just need some time away, do some work and earn some money; basically I need to get a few ducks in a row. Thanks for your patience.


Alright, with the semester being almost over, I'll be able to devote more time to finishing off some projects and getting more towards completion.  But first, I'm going to take a sabbatical for a week or so.  In other news I've almost completed the development of a constraint system.  Before I get an email about not finishing projects, I'm working on the constraint system since it will simplify the writing of the physics program.  Anyway, that's it for now.


Yeah, I know I haven't come up with any updates in a while. For the most part, after quitting my job, I picked up about ten tons of slack in homework. As you may have noticed, I added the section JavaCode as a result of experiments in several classes, that and I decided Java(TM) was friggin' sweet. I started a fairly comprehensive Physics program, but don't expect anything complete until way, way, way later this year. I decided to take my time with this one, so it will be long in coming. As news on it goes I've built in some basic, basic classes: 2 force types, a particle, a function type with a few children. I'm still working on the function class, mainly in the implementation of a generic Polynomial class, and the ability to differentiate and integrate. I still haven't put much of it together, but I'm getting ready to put together some stuff on classical mechanics: kinematics, Work/Energy, collisions, etc. It will come with documentation, thanks to the Java(TM) people. I'm getting closer and closer to finishing off GasLawsX4.2, and as a note about its documentation, I finally found a help-file format I actually like over html, as such, it will be built into the program for ease of use. For now, I'm going to waste my last day of spring break, and then get back to the grind.


I have some updates here, yes I know, I always say that, but these are some really good ones.  I've made a lot of progress in the last few days on the PC version, being home sick, so its almost done.  I'm not going to update the file in the archives quite yet, as its too close to being finished to be worth the double effort.  What's going down is that I finished the basic Ideal Gas Law, Dave you asked for it, you got it.  Also, I got a bunch of formatting stuff worked out, so you can now pick the format the program displays and the number of digits it will display.  Exciting stuff, folks.  Exciting stuff.  Also, the tutorial will have screen shots, for those that need that extra visual kick.


I hope everyone out there is having a good year so far.  I know, so far I'm not, had to work most of the holidays for an uncaring and greedy employer that insists on lying to its employees that it cares about them.  Anyhow, I'll stop there, and say just a few more things: the TI version of Gas Laws is finished and ready to download, being tested to death; the PC version is coming now that I have time to hack it out; help files for the newer PC version will, when I have the time, have screen shots in the tutorial section and other places where it may seem useful.  That's about the long and the short of it, so off into the future we go, with high hopes and dreams, and may it be in the data streams that they do not fail!


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