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About Projekt Physik


Projekt Physik is the codename for a physics program I began writing around early spring in 2003. I conceive of the project as not only a simple program for end users to utilize, but also a framework form which others can build off of using the API that I develop. The project is in very, very early stages of development, with most likely less than a quarter of the outside framework fleshed out (this does not include numerous side applications I have written for my own benefit).


Why would I set out to build such a needlessly complex structure? Well, partly for the same reason climbers climb tall mountains, because its there. Also, I thought it would be useful, especially from a programming aspect, if the end user would not only have a finished and useable product, but also a structure and fully fleshed out API from which he or she could build specific purpose programs, relying on the fact that the API always works. This means, with this framework, a person could build together a program for a task with very little knowledge of how to code in Java TM) and get useful results.


At the moment, I don't have many specifics to give, and I'm not sure I'll ever give out much in the way of specifics outside of what would make sense in an API. As of this moment, I have decided that I will be putting too much effort into this to be a purely free and humanitarian project. I'm not going to exorbitantly over-price this product as others would be tempted to do, but rather price it a price people can afford, college students in particular. I'll probably sell the framework separately of the finished end-product for end-users, but I may just bundle them together and charge a higher price. All in all, I do not expect to charge more than $20 (US), and if I do, feel free to take your hard earned cash else-where, its the premise of capitalism.  All these sorts of things though are in a bit of a flux at this early stage, and about the only thing I can say concretely is that this will most definitely be closed source.

Copyright 2003 James P. Hansen