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At the moment, I am taking a bit of a break from everything, so the programs are standing still.  I'll pick them up again after I finish out the holidays with joy and evil work.  After that, pickings will get slim again as the spring semester starts.  Until later then, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and anything in between.


Well, it seems that I have lost my primary tester somewhere along the way, so I am forced to test these by myself as well as do schoolwork.  Dave, if you are reading this, email me any tests you have!  Also, just as a note, the testing is coming along, albeit slowly.  In the process of my testing, I can confirm the results generated by the basic forms of the laws are right.  However, I have noted that in some of the basic forms, there is an inconsistency on how it handles out of range errors, namely zero values for quantities.  While the math allows zeros in the rates, they're not allowed in the quantities.  So just as a note to those out there who are using the beta version, just a heads up, the calculator won't correct your errors.  In other news, I've begun developing a set of calculator tools to help with those in low level micro-economics courses.  I've found them useful so far, but just as a note, I may or may not convert them to C programs, since they tend to really heavily on some of the built-in features of the operating system.  Also, I've been writing a spoof game of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, but I'll give more info on that after I get it out of the alpha stages of programming.


Alrighty, I've decided to release an un-tested version on the GasLaws program for the TI-89/92+.  Also, I have released a work in progress version of Gas Laws for the PC.  All the of original formulae work, but there is the addition of some Rate functions.  Note:The only one that works is the Boyle's Rate function, which has been thoroughly tested.  As the only other piece of news about the PC version, I have begun setting the maximum number of digits right of the decimal to six.  When I find some more time, I'll get it all working in a peachy manner.


As most of you know out there out there, we are coming close to the one year mark of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.  I will be taking a short hiatus at this time, such that nothing new will be posted at this time.  Not that there has been much in the last couple months, I plan on posting a lot of finished programs in the near future.  Just as some update notes on the Gas Laws series, all instances of Gay-Lussac's law have been removed because in my mind they are a redundant form of Charle's Law, and I assume most of those using them can make the necessary switch of names.  Also as news, I have started class at the U of M, as such, I may be developing some interesting programs for Unix based systems, depending on the time I have available.  Until then, best of luck to all of you.  Also as a quick note, some files may be listed but not actually available, those are the ones I plan to update soon.

No, I will not be doing any April Fool's Jokes.  However, I did update the site, did some housekeeping, and other miscellaneous tasks.  Also, I have added my Programmer's Creed to the site.  It should have loaded with the main page, if not, you can click here to see it.
Its been really quite on this front for a while, but I do have some news.  I am currently working un an update to the vector calculator program, and I am nearing completion on the next version of GasLaws.  Also, here is the link to the quotes page.
Alrighty, after much effort, chips and Dr. Pepper the archives are back in working order, with all the programs reorganized in good condition.  Again, if you have any concerns about the programs, contact me and let me know.
Okay, I am now in the process of modifiying the archives and adding updates to all the files, so that there is only a little extra to each file.  Expect the full update soon, until then, the archive will remain down.
Again, I am posting fixes to several versions of my programs.  I realized that I had them compiled with the wrong switches and etc, etc, they don't work without the debugging dll's.  The new versions are up and running, and if you have problems, contact me and I'll get you the fixes.
I am waiting on a  repsonse if I can distribute the dlls for my progs here.  Until that time, all downloads of Win32 programs will be on hiatus.  The help files, calculator files, and various code is still available however.
Okay, in short, I've finally finished creating the calculator files section.  How I update it will be very ad hoc since it depends on when I make revisions to programs, or write new ones.  But, its uploaded and it works.  Etc, etc, link, etc, downloads, etc, etc
As you have noticed, the calculator file section is not quite up and running yet.  I've been extremely busy of late, and I'm doing the best I can.  Until the page is in full working condition, I'm going to keep it offline.  Also to note, I'm nearing completion of GasLawsX 4.2.  It has the same look and feel of v4.15, but will have the expanded ability of being able to trend functions and export them to Excel files.  Look for it in the coming months.

02/11/2002 (See Update above)
I've added a section containing program files anf functions for the TI-89 calculator.  I've found these programs highly useful and I thought I would pass them along.  Go to the downloads section, or go directly there to get them.

I've just finished the page of ideas and formulas for future versions of programs.  I expect to have a multitude of these formulas, especially the ones pertaining to the gas laws in the next release.  I also wrote an expanded clock program, for a more detailed description, see the downloads section.

Well, I've gone back and I am doing some work on the 2.6 version of the GasLaws project, just trying to make it smaller and more compact, etc, etc.  I am also going to be working on adding trending capabilities to the next version, as well as a module to determine how fast the quantities are changing.  These changes will be in version 4.2  Also, I am re-releasing a modified version of 4.1 since it has come to my attention that the original version is too big to fit on a screen smaller than 800 x 600.  The new version is approximately 415 x 371.  This will be labeled version 4.15.  Go to the downloads section to get v4.15.  Version 4.1 will be maintained for posterity.
01/21/2002 - Update
Holy crap, how did it get to be 2002 already?  Anyways, the site is back from its "school project" status.  If you are looking for the project, follow this link.  (Link has been removed).

GasLaws X (GasLaws v4.1) Finished.  Ready for download.
Download Zip (61.2 Kb)