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My Ad-Hoc Staff

These are the people that help run this site, including myself.


James P. Hansen
Title(s): Programmer, designer, idea man.

As computer science student at the University of Minnesota, I have been programming since sometime around high school, I can't quite remember exactly when.  A lot of my early programs were fairly trivial, especially considering I had no idea of good programming practices.  I mainly stick to a few core languages that are favorites of mine: C, C++, and Java.  I routinely reject the comments I get to learn the "good" languages from the old days, namely COBOL and FORTRAN.  I understand a lot of stuff is done in them, but I believe every piece of code in an old language could be recycled and revamped into a faster language that would work better.  But, semantics aside, I'm more of a computer scientist than a programmer: I see programming as a tool, not the end in its self. As such, for me, I'll learn any language as necessary, just give me a book, a little time, and a reason to learn it. My main plan for the future, not the immediate future I talk about on the main site, is to offer a large suite of systems software, OS included, to rival that which comes from Redmond, that and have a few government contracts. But, as they say, even the mightiest building starts with a single stone, and this is my first stone.

Shannon M. Johnson
Title(s): Site Manager.

Hello, I am James' ex-girlfriend. I contribute to The Programmer's Void by updating, doing revisions, checking for spelling and grammatical errors, and by generally keeping James sane.

David (Dave) Allen Custer
Title(s): Primary Software Tester.

Dave is a senior at Custer County High School where he has played varsity football, and participated in school theater productions both on stage and behind the scenes providing technical lighting support. Dave has a strong interest in government and how it works. He has participated in the Minnesota Model United Nations. For the past five years he has participated in the YMCA Youth in Government Model Assembly, and has held various leadership positions within the program. Dave is the oldest of four brothers. After school and on weekends Dave works for his grandfather welding, repairing equipment, and installing and maintaining the solar and wind power systems. After graduation he plans to enter Pueblo Community College.

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