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Here is complete listing of all the files of the GasLaws project, or any files related to it, or any other junk I decide to throw on here.  I also maintain a small collection of programs functions and files for the TI-89 graphing calculator.  Go to its page.

These files will be required by many of the future versions of my programs.  It also makes the finished program a little smaller for faster download, and these files only needed to be downloaded and installed once, and they will work on all subsequent versions.  The very basic, basic setup information is included with each zip file.  These are all free-ware dlls and programs.  If you reverse compile them, you will be breaking federal law.  If you have any problems with missing files, give me a full description and I'll try to fix your problem.  Also, if you are from an institution such as a school or corporation, you will have to contact me to get a separate version of any of my programs.

Name Description Status Size/Download
README.TXT Simply that, a Read Me New Download ( 137 b)
dllsa Needs to be downloaded if not already, in addittion to dllsb, dllsi, vcl50 New Download (563 Kb)
dllsb Needs to be downloaded if not already, in addittion to dllsa, dllsi, vcl50 New Download (533 Kb)
dllsi Needs to be downloaded if not already, in addittion to dllsa, dllsb, vcl50 New Download (720 Kb)
vcl50 Needs to be downloaded if not already, in addittion to dllsa, dllsb, dllsi New Download (635 Kb)

Before downloading any of the programs below, make sure you have all the dlls in the above files!!
Name Description Status Size/Download
GasLawsX 4.2 This particular release is only a beta version, however, the original parts of the program still work, as well as the portion that does Boyle's Law Rates.  At this time, most of the new stuff doesn't function, and some upcomming features have not been fully implemented. The ability to do trends was removed because I felt they would be redundant at this point.  Also, Gay-Lussac's Law was removed since it was simply a redundant form of Charle's Law.  If you want a completely working version without Rate fnctionality, use GasLawsX v4.15. New Download w/out help files (78.29 Kb)
Help Files for GasLawsX 4.2 The help files for GasLawsX 4.2, since they are not included to reduce the size of the download.  NOT AVAILABLE YET. - Download (??.? Kb)
GasLawsX (GasLaws v4.15f) This is a re-lease of v 4.1, since it was brought to my attention that v4.1 was too big to fit on some screens.  (Requires the above listed dlls) Old Download (72.1 Kb)
GasLaws v2.6 C The true command line version of the GasLaws program.  Requires no extra dlls, except it may require the files in dllsi on older systems. Old Download (10.8 Kb)
Help Files for GasLaws X
(v4.1 and v4.15)
These are the help files for GasLaws X, while not essential to the operation of the program, they do provide a good descriptor of the program and theory behind it. Old Download (26.8 Kb)
Readme for v2.6 C (in text form) Not essential to the operation of the program(s), but does provide help in understanding how it works Old Download (7.96 Kb)
The GNU/GPL (in text form) The document that all programs listed here are protected under.


Download (14.5 Kb)
BCD Clock A clock program that uses BCD to tell time.  Have fun! New Download (175.0 Kb)
MyTime.exe This is a very simple clock and date program, but its a little better than the one blank-soft gives you in the fact that it gives you seconds.  You can also customize font color and BG color. (Requires the above listed dlls) New Download (11.7 Kb)
VectorCalc This is a little vector addittion program, for those in physics, its fairly simple, and it basically is the PC precursor to the one for the calculator.  May require the dll's in dllsi on older systems New Download (2.95 Kb)

Note: All the programs listed above are intended for the Windows environment.  They are compiled with the intent of being compatible to older Windows systems (95 being the earliest supported).  Upon special request, versions can be produced with special chipset instructions enhancements (Pentium, Pentium Pro, etc), version optimized for speed, and versions optimized for size, or a combination of all the options listed above.  When making the request, be sure to specify your requirement in the email. 

Here are some source files from my various programming classes if you would like to use for your own benefit, feel free to do so, just remember to give credit where its due.

File Name Description
Pie.c, newtpi.h These two files (Pie.c doesn't work without newtpi.h) calculate the value of Pi to 18 decimal places.  It only goes to 18 because that seems to be the max number of decimals C has.  If anyone wants to try out their compiler and see if they can squeeze more decimals, go ahead and use it.
Cproject.c I made this for my CSCI 1101 class.  It is a very simple project demonstrating function calling, passing by address, passing by value, etc.  It works perfectly, and is very compact and portable.  It calculates the multiples and numbers containing the digit seven in a specified, non-zero range.
sample.c This is a sample program I took out of a book, very simple, just a function call and passing a table.
fibbo.c This one I cannot seem to get to work.  It should theoretically calculate the numbers in the Fibonnaci series (1,1,2,3,5,8,13, etc), but C seems to run out of sufficiently large enough integers to hold it, even unsigned integers.  If you can fix it, let me know.

Copyright 2001-2003, James P. Hansen